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Peer-reviewed articles

Bearce, David H., Katharine M. Floros and Heather Elko McKibben. 2009. “The Shadow of the Future and International Bargaining: The Occurrence of Bargaining in a Three-Phase Cooperation Framework,” Journal of Politics 71(2): 719-732.

Bearce, David H., Kristen M. Flanagan and Katharine M. Floros. 2006. “Alliances, Internal Information, and Military Conflict Among Member-States,” International Organization 60(3): 595-625.

Book Review

Floros, Katharine M. 2009. “Bringing Back the State: The Role of Government in Civil Conflict,” International Studies Review 11(4): 795-798.


National Science Foundation. “The Multistage Path to Peace in Civil Conflicts,” $95,188. Status: Awarded (09/01/2019-08/31/2024)

Conference Papers

“Something to Talk About: When Belligerents in Civil conflict Choose to Negotiate (with Heather Elko McKibben), International Studies Association, San Francisco, CA, April 2018.

“Talks and Walks: The Failure of Civil War Peace Negotiations (with Heather Elko McKibben), American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, September 2017.

“Getting to Agreement: The Success/Failure of Civil War Peace Negotiations (with Heather Elko McKibben),” International Studies Association, Baltimore, MD, February 2017.

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