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2023.08: The Security State is Everywhere and Anywhere All At Once

Young Vietnamese-American woman with shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes looks straight at the camera. She is smiling, and her teeth are very white. She's wearing a black shirt and a silver chain.
Professor Nicole Nguyen
University of Illinois at Chicago

Selected Publications by Professor Nguyen

  • Nguyen, Nicole. 2016. A Curriculum of Fear: Homeland Security in US Public Schools. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

  • Nguyen, Nicole. 2019. Suspect Communities: Anti-Muslim Racism and the Domestic War on Terror. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

  • Nguyen, Nicole. In press. Terrorism on Trial: Political Violence and Abolitionist Futures. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

  • Nguyen, Nicole. 2021. “Carceral Care Work: Strengthening Policing Through the Provision of Social Services”. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 20 (6):579-96.

  • Nicole Nguyen. 2017. "From School Militarization to School Securitization: National Security Finds its Place in Schools," Critical Studies in Education, 58:1, 52-68.

  • Nicole Nguyen. 2014. "Education as Warfare?: Mapping Securitised Education Interventions as War on Terror Strategy," Geopolitics, 19:1, 109-139.

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